An Aromahead Institute Spotlight Class

Lavender Spotlight Class

  3 hrs instruction

  2 modules
While you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with lavender, you may be surprised to learn all of the amazing ways it can help support the mind, body, and spirit. In this class, you’ll study lavender from multiple angles and gain a full understanding of its therapeutic uses, chemical properties, safety considerations, and more.
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What's included?

  • Create four wellness-supportive lavender oil recipes.
  • Adapt recipes and blends for safe use with children.
  • Explore eight complementary essential oils that blend well with lavender.

How it works

All workshops are initially streamed live then offered as a stand-alone course. Join live to blend with us & bring your questions. Workshops cover a variety of aromatherapy topics and are always a good time!

A learning journey

From budding beginners to experienced experts, our workshops are good for any level of learning.
I loved the lavender spotlight as I have loved each of the classes I have taken from Aromahead. Your information is concise and presented with the utmost clarity. Who would have thought that I could ever ‘get’ chemistry? Thank you for your devotion to aromatherapy and for sharing your knowledge. The information you share is invaluable.
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What makes us different

The Aromahead ApproachTM

Making Sense of Complex Topics

At the core of The Aromahead Approach™ is our dedication to breaking down intricate aromatherapy concepts into simple, easy-to-understand lessons.

Learning that Captivates

Our interactive modules with captivating visuals, makes the aromatherapy learning journey as memorable as it is informative.

Approachable for All!

Our resources are crafted to be welcoming to all, ensuring every learner feels included and empowered as they explore essential oils.

Andrea Butje

Hi, my name is Andrea Butje. I'm passionate about showing students how simple it is to use essential oils in their daily lives. That's why I created this class. I'm honored that it's become so popular!"
Patrick Jones - Course author